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Modern intelligence system

Heartbeat is a software-based intelligence system for the modern investor.

Value is just a quick arrangement of information, and that is the key engine powering Heartbeat.

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Is Heartbeat for me?

Heartbeat is meant for active intelligence collectors:

•  publishers of information and research organizations;

Terminal is a tool for those [modern investors] doing investment research to quickly collect and sort information. It allows for research collaborators to curate large amounts of information, properly organizing and automating most of the manual work traditional excel-based process today.[lets use language of system of intelligence][evaluate info, collection, analysis, distribution]

This is a v1, so a lot of things still need to improve, but the core IP is what happens on the back, so Pirque can automate/enhance its collection/processing of intelligence.

•  traffickers of intelligence (brokers, bankers, consultants, expert networks, ..)

"Begin by making Heartbeat fit the old way of working, then Heartbeat changes how you work."

-- research module comes with a forward deploy engineer to fully integrate setup your Heartbeat.

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